Surprising Finding About Diabetics


Yesterday, I read a Reuters article about a study that showed that most people with Type 2 diabetes don‘t exercise like their doctors recommend. In fact, less than 40 percent actually exercise despite another study showing that 75 percent of those with diabetes had been advised by their doctors to exercise. What is worse is that the more health issues a person has related to their diabetes (therefore, those who would benefit the most from exercise), the less likely they are to be active.

I think the problem lies in that doctors don‘t go beyond advising their patients to exercise. They are too busy to set up an exercise plan or to take the time to recommend a workout routine. That‘s where clubs can come into play. It‘s so important for the fitness industry to continue to improve its reputation and for fitness facility owners, managers and personal trainers to develop a good rapport with the medical community. By doing so, doctors can recommend that their patients visit an “approved” list of facilities and choose one that best meets their needs and best helps them implement a program to curb their health issues. Of course, that means that our personal trainers and dieticians must know how to work with this population--but that‘s a whole other story. Perhaps this is good fodder for my next editorial in the magazine. If you have any suggestions about how to make this fitness/medical connection, let me know using the comment button below. -Pam

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