Sometimes Meetings Are Worth It


Usually I‘m not a fan of meetings, but today I was fortunate to participate in two productive meetings that I think will benefit you in the end. This morning, the editorial staff met with our online guru, Laurie Kokoruda, about how to spice up our Web site even further with more photos, tables and charts in our online versions of the feature articles. Our art director, Jen Ray, will be working diligently to add even more graphics to the site to make your time here more enjoyable and educational. If you have suggestions for other improvements we can make to the site, e-mail me at

In this afternoon‘s meeting, Amy, Jenn and I brainstormed with Zari Stahl, our show director, and Stacey Orlick, our conference director, about topics for sessions at the Club Industry National show, which will occur Oct. 10-13, 2007, in Chicago. Stacey and Zari will develop some of these ideas into all-day sessions and others will become 90-minute sessions. Look for the topics to appear on the show‘s Web site sometime in the next several months.

Putting together a show is a lot of work, and I‘m glad there‘s a whole unit of our company devoted to it. However, the editorial staff enjoys brainstorming with our show group, and I think that this year you‘ll see even more exciting topics and ideas at the Club Industry National show. Hope to see you there in the fall! - Pam

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