Someday, Someone's Life Could Depend on the Preparedness of Your Health Club


Preparing your staff to help your members lose weight and increase their level of health is just part of your responsibility to your community. An equally important part of it is your responsibility to ensure your staff can handle emergencies, in particular those involving sudden cardiac arrest. Club Industry shares some helpful articles on this subject.

At some point in the life cycle of your health club, rec center, YMCA or other health facility, the probability is that one of your members or employees will experiences a sudden cardiac arrest. With all the education about CPR and automated external defibrillators (AEDs) that has been publicized in the industry, you should already know the importance of having staff prepared to handle these situations and of having your AED working properly. Someone's life someday will depend on both those factors working knowledgeably and reliably together.

Right now, at least two cases are before courts related to AED use in our industry. The consequences to the health clubs involved could be financially costly—but obviously not as emotionally costly as the loss of the loved ones whose families are suing these facilities.

To prevent yourself and your fitness facility from experiencing similar lawsuits, please take a look at the articles we have published in the past about AED use. And most importantly, please make sure your staff members are up to date in their CPR and AED use training, and that your AED is working properly and is easy to access.

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