Should You Pay People to Lose Weight?


What would you think about paying members to lose weight? I just read an interesting article about companies paying people to do just that. At least one study noted in the article has shown that people are more successful at losing weight when they have a financial incentive.

These aren't corporations giving money back to employees who lose weight. These are Web sites.

One of the sites,, works with corporate sponsors to give people money if they go from an unhealthy body mass index to a healthy one in a certain time span. The money paid out ranges from $100 to $1,000. The site makes money through advertising and sponsorships.

On another site,, people sign a contract to lose weight.

The financial incentive apparently even works in reverse. On the site, people can offer up their credit card information when they start the program so that if they do not meet their goal, the site charges their credit card as a penalty.

So do you think this could work in the health club industry? Perhaps club operators could work with corporate sponsors to financially reward members who get pre-determined results and/or attend the club a certain number of times or participate in a certain number of group fitness classes, etc. It might be worth looking into. What do you think?

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