Planet Fitness, 24 Hour Employees Save Lives Just in Time for the Holidays


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we've come across two stories of fitness club employees at Planet Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness who saved two members' lives with the aid of an AED. Both saves were recognized on Tuesday.

The Planet Fitness save occurred Nov. 15 at a club in Portsmouth, NH. John Foster, 65, collapsed on a treadmill but was saved thanks to 22-year-old Planet Fitness employee Whitni Hendley, who used the club's automated external defibrillator and CPR. On Tuesday, Foster got to thank Hendley in person when she stopped by at Portsmouth Regional Hospital. In addition to the Portsmouth Herald accounts, here's a video of their story.

The save at a 24 Hour Fitness in Folsom, CA, occurred on Oct. 24 after Charles Noble, 61, suffered a heart attack in the back of the club, according to TV station Fox 40 Sacramento. Assistant fitness manager Kurt Velk found Noble unresponsive and not breathing. Personal trainer Jeremy Powell grabbed the club's AED, and together, Powell and Velk used the AED and performed CPR on Noble. On Tuesday, the Folsom Fire Department and the City of Folsom honored Powell and Velk with a Citizen Act of Heroism award.

Is there a better way to kick off the holiday season?

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