Paul Ryan Puts the 'P' in P90X


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Not long after Paul Ryan was formally announced on Saturday as Mitt Romney's vice presidential running mate, word of Ryan's workout habits exploded on the Internet.

Specifically, Ryan is a P90X guy, and he's been leading classes for members of Congress on Capitol Hill for the past few years. This morning, "The Today Show" ran a piece on Ryan's regimen and interviewed P90X founder Tony Horton, who has to be ecstatic over his good fortune as a result of Romney's choice. And, just by coincidence, we ran a P90X story this week about franchising and certification options for club operators. (No, neither Romney nor Ryan encouraged us to do the story.)

Two years ago, Ryan discussed his workout regimen with Ryan said then that he keeps his body fat between 6 percent and 8 percent, and it appears that hasn't changed much.

Upon further digging, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported in 2009 that Ryan was a fitness trainer at a Washington Sport & Health club. We're still trying to get more information about that. If anybody has stories of Ryan from those days, we're all ears. (UPDATE: Sport & Health tells us that after checking its records, it could not find any data showing that Ryan had worked there.)

It's been well documented that President Barack Obama loves hitting the gym in the mornings. So which ticket will have the staying power come November? And will Ryan's and Obama's love for fitness influence your vote?

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