Pardon Our Bragging


I really don't like it when people brag, but we are a little proud of three awards that our publication just won, so please excuse me while I tell you about them.

The American Society of Business Publication Editors is a national association for trade magazines, and Club Industry just won three awards from the group.

Stuart Goldman, our managing editor, won a West Regional Gold Award in the investigative/news analysis category for his September 2009 feature “Lessons Learned.” This story focused on the August 2009 shootings at the LA Fitness near Pittsburgh.

I won a West Regional Gold Award in the editor's letter/editorial category for my First Word column. In particular, the award was for the September 2009 column A Face Offers Comfort in Tragedy and the December 2009 column “In This Difficult Economy, Truth Hurts.”

And Stephanie Bloyd, our former senior associate editor, and I won a National Bronze Award in the humorous department category for our Last Word column. The two submitted entries were the May 2009 column “Locker Rooms Breed Lawlessness” and the December 2009 column “Compromise Is Key to Group Yoga.”

OK—no more bragging. We promise!

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