Off to Oregon


I just firmed up some details today on my invitation to speak at the FitLife Club Network's Summer Conference in Bend, OR, July 15-17. The flight has been booked, a room for one night at the resort has been placed in my name and now I just have to find a hotel in Portland for one night (I'll be arriving late the night before and don't want to make the 3 hour trek to Bend in the dark). Oh, and I guess I need to create my presentation, which will be to the personal trainers, group exercise instructors and directors in attendance.

I'm excited about going to this conference. I've never been before, and I always look forward to getting to meet new people. I've also never been to Oregon before. I've been told that the drive from Portland to Bend is gorgeous so I'm excited to check it out for myself. Too bad my plans with the boyfriend to do some fly fishing beforehand didn't quite work out, but maybe another year.

If you'll be at the FitLife Conference, definitely stop in on the session (Sunday, July 15 at 2:15 pm) and say hi! -Pam

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