Is Nintendo Being Reckless?


In some fitness circles, Nintendo is being chastised for promoting its Wii Fit product as a source of exercise rather than as a source of entertainment. A class action lawsuit is being compiled by people who claim to have been injured while using the Wii.

Michael Torchia, a fitness trainer, radio personality and founder of Operation Fitness, has joined in the class action lawsuit. He has stated that he'd like for Nintendo to stop selling its Wii games until certain changes are made to the product and the promotions. The company's representation of Wii Fit as a replacement for exercise and playing sports is dangerous and could lead to fewer people actually exercising as needed, he says, so he wants Nintendo to change its promotions to state that these games are for entertainment, not exercise. He's also stated that use of the products can lead to unneccessary injuries.

What do you think about about Torchia's concerns about the Wii Fit becoming a substitute for real exercise for people?

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