Nice Call


I received a call on Friday morning from none other than Phil Lawler, the physical education champion from Naperville, IL. Phil had apparently seen his name pop up on a Google search from the story we published this week on Phil's speech to the PEP Grant winners at a PE4life conference here in Overland Park, KS. Phil thanked me for writing the article and told me he was on his way to see Notre Dame play Purdue on Saturday. (South Bend is a not-so-bad two-hour drive from Naperville, he told me.) Phil has a son who is an assistant baseball coach for the Fighting Irish.

I spoke to Phil briefly after his speech, and he said how excited he was to come hear Kenneth Cooper speak at our show next month in Phil's neck of the woods, Chicago. Phil said he has been a guest on Dr. Cooper's radio show in the past. I hope everybody gets a chance to join Phil and hear Dr. Cooper at the show.

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