Members Need a Call


A recent study shows that your members might be just a phone call or two away from getting back into your club. The study, conducted by Stanford University, showed that people who received one phone call about every three weeks exercised more than those who did not.

The study divided participants into three groups. One group received a call from a person, the second group received an automated call and the third group received no calls. The calls (both automated and human) inquired about the level of the person's exercise during the preceding weeks and encouraged them to continue with their exercise.

After 12 months of this, the group that received the call from a human increased their exercise level the most (by 100 minutes) with the group receiving the automated call coming in second (doubling their minutes). The group that received no calls still increased their minutes exercised, but only by 28 percent.

Kind of makes you wonder if it might not be worth your time and money to have someone check in on members on a regular basis—or at least have an automated system offer an encouraging word.

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