Maggie Was Good to Us


In the publishing world, getting a Maggie is a nice little feat. But since you're not from the publishing world, let me explain what I mean by "getting a Maggie," in case you think it's akin to getting a wedgie or something.

We won a Western Publishing Association award (called a Maggie) last week for most improved trade publication. Much of the credit for the win should go to the excellent redesign by our senior art director, Jennifer Ray, who worked hard to develop a more pleasing and reader-friendly design for our magazine and to find higher quality images for our stories. I hope you agree that her work paid off. We've also been focusing on providing more analysis in the news items we include in print, which was another element that went into the win.

Just like when you remodel one of your facilities, a new magazine design refreshes everything and can lead to renewed interest from readers (or in your case, members). Let us know what you think of our new look. Is there anything you think we should change? We're always looking for feedback, so let us hear it!

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