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After wrapping up at the MYE booth, I headed with Jennipher to Life Fitness for a chat with Jack Hough about the iPod docking station offered on Life Fitness' new treadmill (it's not offered on other Life equipment just yet). Users can toggle between the TV, radio and iPod. The equipment also charges the iPod, something that Jennipher was particularly excited about (I'm a bit behind in my technology purchases and have not yet invested in an iPod or similar type personal entertainment device--please refrain from laughing).

Life Fitness also offers a USB (packaged as a wrist band) to help customize the user experience. The USB helps the user download new workouts and save their workout summary.

The equipment also offers a virtual trainer option that I felt replaced the confusing "random," "manual," "cardio," and other options that so many users ignore to go straight to "quick start." The virtual trainer option instead offers an illustration of a person next to the words "virtual trainer," something that I think might peek enough curiosity in users that they'll check it out. - Pam

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