Let the Magic Begin


Admission number one: I've never had a dying urge to go to Disney World.

Admission number two: I have never been to Disney World prior to attending Club Industry East.

Admission number three: I wasn't sure that I even liked the idea of holding this event at Disney World.

Now that I have that off my chest, I have to say that I'm glad that I'm here (despite my room not being ready upon arrival, which necessitated me calling the front desk every half hour to see if my room was ready--which it finally was at 5:30 pm tonight). The Disney World Coronado Springs Resort is really beautiful, well maintained, clean and, for the most part, the staff is friendly and helpful. The rooms for the convention sessions aren't too far apart compared to some of the conferences that I've attended in the past, although I'm glad I'm in Casitas 9 next door to the convention center rather than some of the buildings that are much farther away.

So far, I've ridden the Magical Bus from the airport to the resort (a great and free way to get to Coronado Springs), checked our booth to ensure all arrived safely, sat in briefly on a session (I'll blog about that in a later entry), and attended the opening night reception (which Jenn has already talked about). Stuart, Jenn and I then ate a late dinner at the hotel restaurant (the Pepper Marketplace) and then retired for the evening to prepare for the next morning.

Admission number four: My preconceptions of Disney World were wrong.

Admission number five: I can't wait to go to Magic Kingdom tomorrow night.

Admission number six: I plan to sleep like a baby tonight despite admissions number four and five. --Pam

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