Lead with a Passion

I just learned the secret weapon of success from David Patchell-Evans, president and CEO of GoodLife Fitness Centers, at the Club Industry Wellness Luncheon, and I'm sure he'd want me to share it with you. It's called caring.

By being engaged in life and caring about other people, he maintains that success will follow. David believes that a passion-inspired business not only will increase profits but will lead to a life where your purpose is fulfilled. In fact, his business in Canada grew 50 percent last year in this economy when he combined the passions in his life with his inner sense of purpose.

He said he believes in letting people who work for him do what they're capable of doing without micromanaging them, and he says that his staff members can become what he is--consistently happy. David asserted that your company's biggest opportunity for growth is you being a passionate leader and hiring passionate people.

David himself showed a passion for life and a passion for his business that is rare in this world, which is sad, because the world needs more leaders like him.

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