Kranking It Up at Club One


Anything new and exciting happening in your programming and life lately? Well, maybe you should talk to Jim Mizes, CEO of Club One. Not only does he have an exciting new program starting at his clubs, but he also returned just a few months ago from an adventure in Israel.

You may be hearing buzz about kranking, a new upper-body exercise invented by Johnny G, who also created Spinning. Yesterday, I got the inside scoop on the new program from Mizes. His clubs are the only clubs to offer kranking until the program is officially launched at IHRSA in March. More details about kranking will appear online in February as part of the Executive Insights column with Mizes, but he did say that they are incorporating the kranking equipment into their Spin classes so people can use a bike or the kranking equipment during the classes.

Mizes isn't a stranger to doing something a little different in his clubs or in his personal life. He also told me about a 500-mile charity bike ride, called Wheels of Love, that he participated in this past November in Israel. The ride benefits the Alyn Children's Hospital in Jerusalem. The hospital provides services to children from any country who have been injured in acts of terrorism and war. This year's ride included 500 riders (and armed guards at the front and back of the groups) and raised $4 million.

Mizes plans to go back again for this year's ride. And he plans to take some people from his club and his synagogue with him. Maybe if you need some excitement in your club or your life, you should give Mizes a call. --Pam

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