Health Club Owners Continue Complaints about National Fitness Financial Systems Related to Payments


A story on National Fitness Financial Systems and problems that some club owners have allegedly had with payment of members' dues continues to generate comments--and Club Industry wants your input if you have been affected by this situation. 

In February, we ran an article about National Fitness Financial Systems and problems that some health club owners, who were customers of the billing company, were having in getting members' dues paid to them by National Fitness. The problems led to financial difficulties for the club owners with whom Club Industry spoke. 

Since that story ran earlier this year, it continues to get a lot of comments from health club operators who have been affected by alleged nonpayment by National Fitness. If your health club business has been affected by nonpayment issues with National Fitness, please email me at We want to continue to follow this story to see how we can help our readership affected by this situation. 

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