Heads Up on “The Biggest Loser” Episode

Be sure to watch “The Biggest Loser” in the next few weeks. I got a note from Ian McGriff, head trainer and fitness director at Tipton Lakes Athletic Club (TLAC) in Columbus, IN, that says Allen Smith, a current contestant on the show, got the TV crew to come and check out its local “Battle of the Bulge” weight-loss competition.

Allen was a participant in the club's contest and issued a challenge to the community to take on his team and beat them as he works toward the TV show's finale.

The “Battle of the Bulge” is a six-week program in which teams of both club and community members compete in groups to lose weight. The winning team is determined by the one that has the highest percentage of weight lost.

“We had hoped to have 15 teams,” writes Smith. “We ended up with 55 teams, 275 contestants, and 85 percent of those were non-members of TLAC. Contestants are eagerly awaiting the episode to see themselves featured on national television.”

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