Good show, Gov


Arnold Schwarzenegger must be reading our blog.

Last week, I tried to needle the California governor in his once-chiseled ribs about the Golden State's not having a law that protects women-only fitness clubs. I thought it was ironic that a state whose governor is a former Mr. Universe would not go out of its way to better serve its citizens in terms of health and fitness.

But give the Governator props for this: A bill was recently introduced in the California Assembly that would give businesses there a tax credit equal to 10 percent on the amount they spend to improve the fitness of their employees. This, apparently, is a reflection of a goal set by Schwarzenegger in January to extend health insurance coverage to California's 6.5 million uninsured residents as well as bring down treatment costs through disease prevention. If the bill passes through the Assembly and Senate, it goes to Schwarzenegger's desk. I'm betting he'll sign it.

Whether or not Schwarzenegger reads our blog--and I'm betting on the NOT side this time--I'd still like to have him come to the IHRSA show in San Francisco later this month. The drive from Sacramento is not even two hours, and I'm betting he wouldn't have to get behind the wheel.

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