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Our February issue should be arriving at your doorstep in the next few days, and the issue will appear on our Web site by next Friday.

One thing I want to point out is that we have a spelling error in our IHRSA show preview. The name of one of the speakers at the IHRSA show is Seth Godin, not Seth Goldin. Apparently, I saw an imaginary "l" in his name. Or, maybe I just wanted his name to sound more like my last name (Goldin=Goldman?). In any case, it's an embarrassing error, and one that I hope not to repeat in the future.

At least I was consistent with the error throughout the story and the show schedule. That reminds me of something Bobby Knight once said about consistent players. "If you're consistently good, I've got a spot for you (on the court). If you're consistently bad, I've got a spot for you (on the bench). If you're inconsistent, I don't know where the (heck) to put you."

Overall, the issue itself is pretty solid, if I/we say so myself/ourselves. Let us know what you think when you receive your copy.

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