Float Like a Butterfly


I didn't watch "Dancing with the Stars" this last season (or the other seasons, either), but I did hear about the performance of the celebrities on the show through various entertainment programs and talk shows.

Seems like everyone thought that Laila Ali, daughter of Muhammad Ali, and a boxer in her own right, surprised everyone with her gracefulness on the program. I wish now I had watched the program because the Club Industry show group has informed me that Laila Ali will be the keynote speaker at our Club Industry show in Chicago Oct. 10-13 (she'll speak on Oct. 11). She recently released a cardio fitness DVD with Sugar Ray Leonard. I'll have to check it out.

More details on the topic of her presentation will be released later. No word on whether her famous father will join her, but somehow I think she's making her own way in the world today so the chances are that he won't be there. -Pam

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