Fitness Parties Could Be a New Trend (But Will There Be Cake?)


More adults might be opting to celebrate special occasions with fitness parties, and some clubs and studios are already cashing in on the trend.

Who needs birthday cake when you can have birthday cardio?

More adults might be choosing to celebrate special occasions with private group exercise classes known as fitness parties. Lena Dunham and Lady Gaga made headlines last year by throwing birthday parties at SoulCycle, and now a Reuters article suggests that fitness parties may be gaining popularity among adults.

Montserrat Markou, owner of JumpLife, a New York-based studio that offers trampoline fitness classes in a night club-inspired environment, says she would have never imagined adults throwing parties at her facility but can understand why they appeal to her clients.

"They feel like they're getting their fitness in at the same time they're in a club," Markou says.

Instead of worrying about fitting in a trip to the gym on a birthday, people are making fitness part of the party, she adds.

JumpLife is not the only company seeing more people passing on traditional party options in favor of more health conscious celebrations. Although most health clubs have traditionally promoted birthday party packages as being exclusively for children, some are beginning to realize the benefits of offering adult parties.

In the Reuters article, Donna Cyrus, senior vice president of programming at Crunch Fitness, New York, says Crunch clubs have expanded their offerings to accommodate everything from birthdays and bachelorette parties to college reunions and divorce celebrations.

"The class is a reason for friends to get together and shed inhibitions for an hour, as well as a great marketing tool and clever use of idle space for the gym," Cyrus says.

It also could be a way for some facilities to shed the image of being all work(outs) and no fun, but will more clubs expand their offerings to cash in on the trend? And more importantly, will people start bringing cake to studios and health clubs?

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