The Fitness Industry Needs an Online Crash


The recent outages of HBO Go, Twitter and Netflix should serve as positive examples of what high demand could do for the fitness industry.

On Sunday, so many people wanted to watch the season finale of "True Detective" that the HBO Go streaming service crashed.

The Sunday before, Twitter temporarily crashed after Ellen DeGeneres and friends broke the Twitter record for retweets for their selfie at the Oscars. I know this firsthand because I had trouble posting my witty Oscar tweets during the show. (Wouldn't you know it: Twitter crashed as I was posting this. You can't make this stuff up, people.)

And who could forget a couple of Christmases ago when Netflix crashed, leaving several people without their favorite movies to watch and forcing them to actually talk to their families for a change.

What all three crashes had in common was a high demand for that product. The fitness industry could use a trend or an exercise or some idea that generates so much interest that it crashes websites or causes an overbooking of classes. Perhaps we'll see a few of those this week at the IHRSA show in San Diego.

In a story last November, a club operator recalled an overbooking of a popular cycle class that nearly led to fisticuffs in the studio. Of course, violence is not the answer, but club operators should not shy away from a little member frustration now and then if it is caused by a class or a concept that members simply have to have. Just a quick fix or a resolution later, and members will forgive and forget.

Remember, the HBO Go, Twitter and Netflix outages weren't failures. In this day and age, they were hits.

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