The Finale

For my last early morning workout of the trip, I decided to hit the trade show floor and try as many cardio pieces as I could in 50 min (I wanted a bit more time but hit snooze too many times...zzz). First, I jumped on the aforementioned Ascent Trainer for 10 (nice, smooth), followed by a one-mile jog on Life Fitness' latest tread (so mad that in my rush to get out of the hotel I forgot my ipod which can directly plug in and charge on this piece of equipment), 10 more minutes on the Cybex Arc Trainer (feels like moon walking to me, which I really like), and a final 10 minutes on Technogym's Cardio Wave (a funky, fun, lateral, side-stepping stairmaster/elliptical machine).

Covered in sweat and happily out of breath, I grabbed a cup of coffee, a bagel with light cream cheese and enjoyed my well earned breakfast on the way back to the hotel. --Jennipher

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