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I wanted to draw your attention to the online version of our first Executive Insights Q&A column. The shortened version appears in this month's issue, which the subscribers among you should have received by now. However, because online offers almost unlimited space, we are running the full interview on our Web site.

The first executive to offer insights into the industry and his company is Howard Brodsky, CEO of New York Health & Racquet Club. The regional chain of 10 clubs is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year.

Brodsky was very open with his thoughts about expansion for the company and where he thinks some other club companies are going wrong in their expansion. He also talked about his opinion of competition and low-priced clubs. In addition, he seems tuned into the importance of the Web site for generating leads, but the company isn't exactly on the cutting edge as far as using technology inside its facilities as far as entertainment options and online personal training. Instead, Brodsky indicated that they like to watch technology developments for awhile before jumping into them.

He had some interesting comments about hiring the right people and about the place of a general manager at a club. I hope you enjoy the interview. I'll let you know soon who the next featured executive will be. -Pam

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