Equinox CEO Harvey Spevak Speaks

According to an interview with Equinox CEO Harvey Spevak, the New York-based company is not planning to go public.

Spevak recently sat down with Adam Johnson and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart" program. If you listen closely to this brief interview, Spevak speaks slightly more than Johnson and Regan do, but it's a close call.

In the time that he did speak, Spevak touched on the company's expansion plans to Toronto and London and other topics before Regan asked him if Equinox was going public.

"I've got bankers calling me all the time, but we're doing really well being a private company," Spevak said. "We've got a lot of exciting things going on between Equinox, SoulCycle and Blink, and so we don't need the capital. We have a long-term perspective, so, no."

Equinox released its fourth quarter 2011 and year-end financials last week. Those results were not published as Equinox, as Spevak reminded us in the interview, prefers to remain private.

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