Enjoyment of Exercise Is Key to Retaining Members, Says CEO of Les Mills U.S.

In his webinar on Thursday, Les Mills U.S. CEO Brian Gagne emphasized the importance of health clubs selling fitness, not just memberships. 

“Motivate your members so nobody else can,” Les Mills U.S. CEO Brian Gagne said in a webinar Thursday.

That point was one of many that Gagne emphasized in a webinar, “The Difference Between Your Members Working Out and Walking Out." He explored how onboarding new members properly, motivating them, getting them engaged with your health club all play a part in helping members enjoy exercise and their experience at your facility, which leads to higher retention.

Club Industry live-tweeted highlights of the webinar.

In talking retention, Gagne employed a water bucket analogy. There’s a hole in the bucket, he said. It represents the retention problem. As water—or members—is poured in, there will be loss. The larger the hole, and the closer it is to the bottom of the bucket, the more water will be lost. A club operator’s efforts are futile, Gagne said, when he or she allows the hole to go unaddressed—no matter how much water is flowing.

One way to plug that hole is to engage members in exercise they can enjoy.

“When members start loving exercise, they start seeing results,” Gagne said. But the “love” part doesn’t come easily. Working out is hard, he said, and club operators ought to designate specific club staff to engage and motivate members, ensuring they are always moving toward their personal goals.

An all-around love of fitness remains the key to a successful club, Gagne said. Members who enjoy their workout routines are more likely to visit a club with greater frequency, as well as maintain long-term memberships. He cited group exercise programs as one way to engage members and form meaningful relationships.

In case you missed the webinar or simply want a refresher, the entire presentation is now available on demand at ClubIndustry.com.

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