On Deadline for February's Issue


Our first real post for this blog comes just a few days after sending our January issue to the printer. With the holidays, the January issue generally ends up going to the printer about a week later than normal. We've been working on the February issue as well, but now work on that issue begins in earnest so we can get back on track with the magazine production. Unfortunately, the company has been hit hard with a nasty computer virus that is affecting all of our computers. I'm glad I'm not one of our IT or Help Desk people right now!

Big news hit in the industry recently about Wellbridge Co. The co-founder and CEO, Ed Williams, along with COO Jay Kell and a company out of Japan purchased Wellbridge in late December. It had been well known that they were looking to be sold, and they had been slowly selling off a few clubs here and there. I hope to interview Williams or Kell soon about their plans for the company. I'll let you know here if that happens and when you might expect to see it in the magazine and on our Web site. - Pam

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