Boot Camp Blues


I always get a good workout while I'm at a trade show. Not only do I end up walking more (from hotel to convention center and then around the convention center and the trade show floor), but I also get to participate in the early morning workouts. This year, I decided to participate in my first boot camp--something I've been wanting to do for quite some time. And my first one was a great one. Even though I took it yesterday morning, I'm feeling the effects today. This boot camp, led by Lori Patterson, who has her own boot camp business, was good for first-timers and experienced boot campers (like our show director, Zari Stahl, who gets up early most mornings to participate in a boot camp). Lori was great about showing beginners like me how to tailor each exercise to our workout. I could feel that I'd gotten a good workout yesterday, but today, I can really tell it.

We did some squats that have put the squash on my thighs--big time--and we did some bear crawls that have my back feeling it--but in a good way.

I'll definitely try a boot camp again in the future. What a great way for clubs to introduce fitness to their members and make some additional revenue.

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