"The Biggest Loser" Almost Lost One


Did anyone else watch last night's episode of "The Biggest Loser" and find themselves as appalled as I did at the first thing they had the new contestant do: run one mile? Is that really responsible? I don't think so. Which of you has trained your trainers to make their 300-pound clients run a mile on the treadmill during their first session? And worse than that, the contestants were running outside in the heat, part of the time on the sand. What were the people behind this show thinking?

One of the contestants became so medically distressed by the end of the run that she had to be transported to the hospital by helicopter. Another contestant also had to go to the hospital. Throughout the rest of the show, the two trainers yelled and cursed at the contestants to "motivate" them to exercise. That's not what would motivate me.

24 Hour Fitness is heavily affiliated with this show. If I were them, I'd consider asking to have some of their properly trained staff more involved in developing the challenges. Last night's episode demonstrated that professionals in the fitness business are not making the decisions on this series. Instead, show biz people are.

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