Best of the Best: Success Is in the Details


The countdown is on—there are just six weeks left to nominate your club for this year's Best of the Best Awards.

Club Industry created the annual competition in 2003 to call attention to the industry's most innovative and successful programming. The award categories have changed over the years, and the winning programs have come from all over the country and from a wide variety of facility types (for-profit, nonprofit, corporate, et al.) But there's one thing all of the previous winning entries have had in common: attention to detail.

Past judges have told us that the best programs are those that are thoroughly planned out with specific goals and detailed measures set up to attain those goals. They expect to see the following in the winning programs:

• Revenue goals

• Participation goals

• Other measureable goals

• A marketing plan

• Measurements of the program's effectiveness

• A plan for following up with participants

So what do you think? Has your facility recently implemented a program that fits the bill? If so, tell us about it! Submit your entry for the 2011 Best of the Best Awards now—and don't spare any of the juicy details.

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