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Feb 27, 2007

Executive Insights

I wanted to draw your attention to the online version of our first Executive Insights Q....More
Feb 26, 2007

One We Missed

Sometimes we miss a story. It‘s a bit embarrassing, especially when it‘s a big story. I received an e-mail on Sunday about a big story that we missed....More
Feb 20, 2007

Hit the Books

After a beautiful three-day weekend (the staff was lucky enough to celebrate President‘s Day away from the office and Mother Nature was gracious....More
Feb 16, 2007

It's All About Sports, of Course

After 10 years of sportswriting, my first blog entry as the new managing editor for this magazine had to be about sports, right? OK, so this won't be....More
Feb 13, 2007

Welcome to Stuart

Yesterday was the first full day for our new managing editor, Stuart Goldman. He was fortunate enough to spend part of a day last week training with....More
Feb 07, 2007

So Long Amy

Just one more day before our managing editor, Amy Fischbach, leaves the magazine to have her second child and become a stay-at-home mom. We're going....More
Feb 06, 2007

In the Navy...

Recently, I wrote about how the Navy introduced the option of sailors using an elliptical or stationary bike to complete the cardiovascular portion....More
Feb 01, 2007

Do You Really Want to Help?

Last week, I spoke to a New York Times reporter for a story she was writing about how clubs are doing more hand-holding of their clients to help....More
Jan 31, 2007

Surprising Finding About Diabetics

Yesterday, I read a Reuters article about a study that showed that most people with Type 2 diabetes don‘t exercise like their doctors recommend. In....More
Jan 29, 2007

Fun and Games

Mike Hansen, CEO and president of iTECH Fitness, contacted me more than a month ago about an interactive fitness research lab that was opening at the....More
Jan 25, 2007

Out to Sea

This past summer I had the amazing opportunity to visit Naval Station Norfolk. The Morale, Recreation and Welfare (MWR) department there showed me....More
Jan 24, 2007

Sometimes Meetings Are Worth It

Usually I‘m not a fan of meetings, but today I was fortunate to participate in two productive meetings that I think will benefit you in the end. This....More
Jan 23, 2007

Nautilus on the QT about New Line

I spoke with Bret Blount at Nautilus Inc. at the end of the day yesterday about a new line of strength equipment that the company is introducing....More
Jan 19, 2007

Supplemental Insurance

At the last Athletic Business show back in November, I attended an eye-opening session: “Legal Liability: Nutrition, Weight Management and....More
Jan 19, 2007

Swim Lessons

I learned a lot about aquatics programming this morning when I interviewed John Spannuth, CEO and president of the U.S. Water Fitness Association in....More
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