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Aug 16, 2007

Off to the Races

I suppose I should update you guys on the race front, as I told you I would a couple of weeks ago. So, I ran the 5K and did OK...I guess. My....More
Aug 13, 2007

Katrina: A Look Back

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about an article I was working on that was a follow-up piece on clubs affected by Hurricane Katrina two years ago. As....More
Aug 06, 2007


I was doing a little research today for an upcoming interview with new Crunch Fitness CEO Tim Miller when I stumbled upon something pretty unique on....More
Aug 01, 2007

A Chat with 24 Hour CEO

I spent an hour late this morning interviewing Carl Liebert, CEO of 24 Hour Fitness, for an upcoming Executive Insights column and podcast. Liebert....More
Jul 27, 2007

Audio Efficiency

Our first-ever podcast was launched on our Web site today. You can listen to it here. This is the audio recording of my interview with Geoff Dyer,....More
Jul 26, 2007

Life Time Posts Gain

It took me most of the morning to recover from the Life Time Fitness conference call this morning about their second quarter earnings filing. After a....More
Jul 25, 2007

24 Hour on Hold

Sometimes, the best laid plans go awry. I've been preparing for the past few days for an interview with Carl Liebert, CEO of 24 Hour Fitness. The....More
Jul 24, 2007

The New Kid in Town

So, Jennipher asked me to write this blog because I‘m the new kid in town, and she wanted my name out there, I guess. So, I thought to myself: Okay,....More
Jul 18, 2007

It's a FitLife

Upon arrival home from my latest road trip late Monday night, I determined that I would not get on a plane again until October when I fly to Chicago....More
Jul 16, 2007

Spin. Spin. Spin.

After a fun-filled long weekend in Vegas (for fun, not for work this time), I‘m back in the office and getting a good jump on the August issue. I‘m....More
Jul 16, 2007

On the Ball

Things are starting to get a little giddy around here. And by "things," I mean me. It's been awhile since I've blogged, so I thought what better day....More
Jul 06, 2007

Top 100 Over and Out

It is finally over. The mad rush to finish the annual Top 100 club list is done, and the last pages for the July issue are out of here. One club....More
Jul 03, 2007

Last Days for July

We're in our last three days of production for the July issue. It came down to the wire on the Top 100 list. I kept plugging away (with the help of....More
Jun 26, 2007

Calm Before the Storm

We are at that time of the month that I refer to as “the calm before the storm.” We‘re not quite on deadline and pushing pages through the production....More
Jun 22, 2007

Still Thinking About Florida

It's been two weeks since I arrived back home from Orlando and the Club Industry East show, but thoughts of Florida are never far away. Today, I....More
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