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Oct 10, 2007

In the Beginning

We've arrived! All three editors made it to Chicago today and we've started our coverage of the Club Industry 2007 show for you. The set-up for this....More
Oct 09, 2007

Visit the Club Industry 2007 Show Blog

The Club Industry 2007 conference and exposition will begin on Wednesday, Oct. 10. Click here to read all the entries from the editors about the....More
Oct 01, 2007

Club Industry Hits Chicago Soon

I love going to Chicago each October for the Club Industry show. It's just a great time to meet up with people that I talk to on the phone but don't....More
Sep 11, 2007

Don't Hit Me, Baby, One More Time

Dear Britney Spears, If I had known you were going to embarrass yourself at the VMA awards Sunday night, I would have stuck around Las Vegas long....More
Sep 10, 2007

Club Industry 2007 Update

Pam, Stuart and I recently learned that due to personal circumstances, Dr. Mike Nichols, CEO and founder of TempusClinic, will not give his keynote....More
Sep 07, 2007

Best Celebrity Week Ever

Up until this week, the only celebrity sightings I‘d ever had were pretty tame. In my high school years, I walked by Mr. Aerosmith himself, Steven....More
Aug 31, 2007

Strength From Within

Usually about this time of year, I'm recovering from producing a football preview section, which I used to do while working for various newspapers....More
Aug 17, 2007

Family Ties

Being a woman and one of three daughters, I only have first-hand knowledge of mother-daughter and father-daughter relationships. The dynamics of....More
Aug 16, 2007

Off to the Races

I suppose I should update you guys on the race front, as I told you I would a couple of weeks ago. So, I ran the 5K and did OK...I guess. My....More
Aug 13, 2007

Katrina: A Look Back

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about an article I was working on that was a follow-up piece on clubs affected by Hurricane Katrina two years ago. As....More
Aug 06, 2007


I was doing a little research today for an upcoming interview with new Crunch Fitness CEO Tim Miller when I stumbled upon something pretty unique on....More
Aug 01, 2007

A Chat with 24 Hour CEO

I spent an hour late this morning interviewing Carl Liebert, CEO of 24 Hour Fitness, for an upcoming Executive Insights column and podcast. Liebert....More
Jul 27, 2007

Audio Efficiency

Our first-ever podcast was launched on our Web site today. You can listen to it here. This is the audio recording of my interview with Geoff Dyer,....More
Jul 26, 2007

Life Time Posts Gain

It took me most of the morning to recover from the Life Time Fitness conference call this morning about their second quarter earnings filing. After a....More
Jul 25, 2007

24 Hour on Hold

Sometimes, the best laid plans go awry. I've been preparing for the past few days for an interview with Carl Liebert, CEO of 24 Hour Fitness. The....More
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