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Sep 30, 2016

Enjoyment of Exercise Is Key to Retaining Members, Says CEO of Les Mills U.S.

In his webinar on Thursday, Les Mills U.S. CEO Brian Gagne emphasized the importance of health clubs selling fitness, not just memberships....More
Sep 28, 2016

Why Is It Harder for Millennials to Maintain a Healthy Weight?1

A study found that it’s significantly harder for today’s adults to maintain the same weight levels as it was three-to-four decades ago, specifically....More
Sep 16, 2016

The Club Industry Team or 'The Office'? Behind the Scenes of Making the Club Industry Show

With the Club Industry Show rapidly approaching, we wanted to ensure everyone is aware of all this year’s event has to offer. So we grabbed an iPhone....More
Sep 13, 2016

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend and Saying Hello to a New One in the Fitness Industry Media World

Club Industry's Content Producer Eric Stromgren has left the brand to go to graduate school. Anthony Dominic has joined Club Industry as the new....More
Aug 22, 2016

What Planet Fitness' Performance after One Year as a Public Company Means to You

A strong second quarter performance capped off the first year as a public company for low-priced health club franchise Planet Fitness. Some of the....More
Aug 21, 2016

Lunch and Learn about Wellness, Leadership, Sales and Marketing at the Club Industry Show

Four lunch presentations not only provide educational opportunities but also networking time with peers and industry experts....More
Aug 21, 2016

Meet Your Club Industry Team: Boxer, Runner, Obstacle Course Enthusiast

In the second of our series introducing our Club Industry Show staff members and their love of fitness to you, I'm introducing someone I know well:....More
Aug 18, 2016

Keynoter Bo Burlingham Will Share How to Take Your Fitness Business from Good to Great

During his keynote at the Club Industry Show, business writer Bo Burlingham will share six characteristics that give great companies their "mojo,"....More
Aug 16, 2016

Health Club Owners Continue Complaints about National Fitness Financial Systems Related to Payments

A story on National Fitness Financial Systems and problems that some club owners have allegedly had with payment of members' dues continues to....More
Jul 25, 2016

You Have Been Challenged: Health Club Bike Challenge in August Will Benefit Augie's Quest

Everyone in the health and wellness is challenged to get involved in one of two events that will raise money to find a cure for amyotrophic lateral....More
Jul 21, 2016

Indoor Tanning Businesses Continue to Face Regulatory Pressure

More than 200 salons and retailers across the country make health claims related to tanning, according to a report profiling tanning....More
Jul 18, 2016

Studio Operators: These Four Sessions Are Just for You

The growth of the studio market means a growing number of people in the fitness industry have concerns specific to operating a successful studio, and....More
Jul 17, 2016

Meet Your Club Industry Team: Crystal Romberger, Dirt Biker

The Club Industry Show is brought to you by a team of people who are dedicated to helping you but who also enjoy fitness and healthy living. Meet one....More
Jul 17, 2016

Get Up and at 'Em for New Group Exercise Classes, Early Morning Workouts at the Club Industry Show

When you come to a fitness trade show and conference, you should have ample opportunity to get in some good workouts. At this year's Club Industry....More
Jul 16, 2016

Advance Your Fitness Career at the Club Industry Show with Networking, Networking, Networking…And Food and Drink

You will have no excuse to say you didn't meet anyone new and interesting at the Club Industry Show this year because you now have seven networking....More
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