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Oct 12, 2007

Best of the Best

Any new venture brings with it some trepidation. Today marked the first awards presentation at Club Industry for our annual Best of the Best contest....More
Oct 12, 2007


Last year at the IHRSA show, Pam and I were known as the jean-jacket twins. It's notoriously cold in the exhibit halls and session rooms at almost....More
Oct 12, 2007

Thin Walls

It‘s the third day of the show, and boy am I feeling it. You always think traveling for work is going to be fun, and generally it is, but after a few....More
Oct 12, 2007

Corporate Fitness

With a story on corporate fitness on tap for our November issue, I zeroed in on as many seminars as I could attend in connection with The Corporate....More
Oct 12, 2007

C'Mon, Get Happy!

After our original plans for tonight failed to materialize, The Four Musketeers--Pam, Jenn, Jen and me--went out to dinner. First, we had to make a....More
Oct 11, 2007

Lifetime Achievement

What a thrill today to give the Lifetime Achievement Award for 2007 to Alan Schwartz, chairman of TCA Holdings. Alan has been in the health club....More
Oct 11, 2007

Blister in the Chicago Sun

If you've ever attended a trade show, you'll know one thing: Wear comfortable shoes. Yesterday, I made the mistake of wearing a fairly new pair of....More
Oct 11, 2007

Stinging Like a Bee With Laila Ali

When Laila Ali strode down the center of the ballroom to the podium today as Club Industry's keynote speaker, the first thing I noticed was that she'....More
Oct 11, 2007

Day 1: Chicago Style

Wednesday got off to an unusual start for me. Unusual in the fact that I started the day with a walk, and it cost me big-time. Let me explain. On....More
Oct 10, 2007

Internet Access Arrives

I met earlier with the IT guy here at McCormick Place. The wireless Internet access in our booth is set up and ready to be used. This is the first....More
Oct 10, 2007

Health Trends According to Scudder

The one session I was able to attend today was part one of "Health Club Industry Trends....More
Oct 10, 2007

In the Beginning

We've arrived! All three editors made it to Chicago today and we've started our coverage of the Club Industry 2007 show for you. The set-up for this....More
Oct 09, 2007

Visit the Club Industry 2007 Show Blog

The Club Industry 2007 conference and exposition will begin on Wednesday, Oct. 10. Click here to read all the entries from the editors about the....More
Oct 01, 2007

Club Industry Hits Chicago Soon

I love going to Chicago each October for the Club Industry show. It's just a great time to meet up with people that I talk to on the phone but don't....More
Sep 11, 2007

Don't Hit Me, Baby, One More Time

Dear Britney Spears, If I had known you were going to embarrass yourself at the VMA awards Sunday night, I would have stuck around Las Vegas long....More
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