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in Behind the Scenes Mar 15, 2017

Find Out How to Overcome Fears and Become a Better Leader in Club Industry's 2017 Keynotes

Only by overcoming your fears can you reach your full potential. And only by improving your leadership skills can you achieve your purpose and....More
in Behind the Scenes Mar 01, 2017

Watch for a New Look on Club Industry's Website, Coming Soon

Club Industry will debut a new website design in March, so watch for some preview pages starting in mid-March....More
in Behind the Scenes Feb 14, 2017

Big Does Not Always Equate to Great in the Fitness Industry

If you judge something only by scale rather than depth, then boutique studios are not worth opening, independent films should be banned and anyone....More
in Behind the Scenes Jan 05, 2017

The Science Behind Sports Nutrition Lags Behind the Marketing

The consumer crossover between the supplement industry and the health club industry means knowledge of issues affecting the sports nutrition and....More
in Behind the Scenes Dec 27, 2016

Editors' Picks: Sales and Alleged Misdeeds Top Fitness Industry Stories List of 2016

The Club Industry editors looked over the stories we covered in 2016 and selected these five as the stories that affected the fitness industry the....More
in Behind the Scenes Nov 30, 2016

The Club Industry Show: 'Cheers' University for the Entire Health and Wellness Industry

The Club Industry Show staff is in the midst of creating a whole new experience for you based on your feedback. A three-year plan began at this year'....More
in Behind the Scenes Nov 15, 2016

Someday, Someone's Life Could Depend on the Preparedness of Your Health Club

Preparing your staff to help your members lose weight and increase their level of health is just part of your responsibility to your community. An....More
in Behind the Scenes Oct 20, 2016

MYZONE Helped Gauge the Stress Level of the Last Presidential Debate

This year's presidential campaign has been one of the most stress-inducing campaigns in a long time. How stressful? A group of 10 volunteers who....More
in Behind the Scenes Oct 10, 2016

The Lessons I Learned Running My First Half Marathon

A lot of thoughts run through the mind of a half marathoner, and many of those thoughts are lessons that can be applied outside the race....More
in Behind the Scenes Oct 02, 2016

Trainers: Get Your CEUs/CECs in These Sessions Tailored to Your Needs

If you are a personal trainer or a group exercise instructor and if you need CEUs/CECs, take a day or two to increase your knowledge and earn credits....More
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