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Apr 14, 2015

The Long and Winding Road to The Bay Club Co.'s Purchase of Spectrum Athletic Clubs

The Bay Club Co.'s purchase of Spectrum Athletic Clubs took almost a decade and Matthew Stevens was on both sides of the transaction at various....More
Mar 09, 2015

Prayer and Transgender Issues Hit the Fitness Industry4

After two recent incidents at fitness facilities received media attention, it's clear that health club operators must think about how they will deal....More
Jan 28, 2015

How You Can Help Club Industry Help You

Earlier this month, the staff at Club Industry hosted a strategy meeting with some vendors and fitness facility operators to help us create a three-....More
Jan 14, 2015

Equinox's CEO Speaks Out about Fears of Technology Replacing Personal Trainers

Fears of evolving technology making the health club or personal trainer obsolete should be turned around to view technology as an opportunity to....More
Jan 02, 2015

You Just Can't Say No to This Harvard Business School Professor

Harvard Business School Professor Steven Rogers and marketing expert Gerry O'Brion share words of wisdom on entrepreneurship and marketing in two....More
Jan 02, 2015

Improve Your Retention by Checking Out Other Health Clubs' New Member Integration Programs

To keep those new members swamping your facility this month, get some new member integration ideas for your fitness facilities from health club....More
Dec 27, 2014

NPR Podcast Puts Spotlight on Planet Fitness, Health Club Industry1

A Planet Fitness spokesperson tells Club Industry the way the company was portrayed in a recent NPR podcast "is not an accurate representation of....More
Dec 22, 2014

Another Great Gift for the Bash for Augie's Quest

Augie Nieto tells Club Industry how a longtime friend paid him a visit and left a large contribution to Augie's Quest....More
Dec 17, 2014

High Five: Club Industry Receives Fifth Eddie Award1

We are delighted to report that Club Industry is now the proud owner of five consecutive Eddie Awards. We received our fifth award last week at the....More
Dec 16, 2014

It Looks Like Bally Is Going…Going…Gone?

A pending sale of 32 Bally Total Fitness clubs to 24 Hour Fitness likely will leave Bally with only a handful of clubs left. Some are not surprised,....More
Dec 09, 2014

Share Your Thoughts and Expertise on Industry Topics

Check out the new IdeaXchange section of Club Industry's website, where you are invited to share your thoughts and opinions on topics of relevance to....More
Dec 02, 2014

University Justifies Dress Code at Student Rec Center

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee implemented a new dress code in September for T-shirts worn at its rec center. The reaction has been mixed....More
Nov 25, 2014

The Perks and 'Perils' of My Job Covering the Fitness Industry

One perk of working for Club Industry is being invited to visit clubs and try out classes, including this Pilates-inspired class at the new Body Lab....More
Nov 18, 2014

Concerns Arise about the Health and Fitness of Richard Simmons1

A knee injury has slowed famed exercise guru Richard Simmons, who some say they have not seen in months, according to reports....More
Nov 12, 2014

Thirty Years of Changes in the Fitness Industry and at Club Industry

Club Industry celebrates its 30th anniversary this month, leading to reflection on all that has transpired in 30 years in the fitness industry and at....More
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