Augie Nieto on Jack LaLanne


We're just a few days away from Jack LaLanne's acceptance of our Club Industry Lifetime Achievement Award and his keynote address at our show. We're also a few days away from our first redesigned issue, featuring Jack LaLanne on the cover.

Jack is still in the news, and he's still celebrating his 95th birthday. The timing of all of this couldn't have been better for us.

As with every story, there are quotes and anecdotes that don't get to the finished product. One of those quotes is from Augie Nieto, who shared some of his thoughts about Jack. This was e-mailed to me just a few minutes after I made the request. Keep in mind that Augie is continuing his fight against ALS.

OK, here's Augie on Jack:

"Jack was the pied piper of the couch potato. He got Americans to see the value of physical fitness. His TV show was the conduit for the modern-day health club. We owe Jack a huge thanks!"

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