24 Hours in a 24 Hour


Often, pranks just end up being annoying, but this prank (or perhaps we should call it a publicity stunt since they sent out a press release in advance) by Zug.com writer Bayan Rabbani caught my eye because it involved 24 Hour Fitness and Rabbani spending 24 hours in a club.

I was glad to see that 24 Hour Fitness executives and the staff at the local club took on the prank with the humor in which it was intended. Well, actually, I can't say what the intention of the stunt was, but some of the tweets and the blog were humorous--especially toward the end when the Snuggie came out. It certainly would have been a public relations disaster if 24 Hour Fitness had not allowed Rabbani in. This guy's tweets and blog allowed the company to show his Zug.com followers (some of whom probably have never stepped inside a club) that if this guy can try all these classes and use this equipment, they certainly can stop in for a tour.

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