Thomas Kulp


Thomas Kulp, formerly the chief motivational officer at Universal Athletic Club, Lancaster, PA, is the director of Solution Consultants. He can be reached at 717-799-5155.

Spa Trends, Part 1
Spas are more popular than ever, but are spas just a trend or are they here to stay? First known for her early 1990's prediction that Americans would
Metrosexual: Dare We Say It?
Men, men, menthey are everywhere in your club and now they are interested in your spa therapies. In fact, estimates by the latest industry reports place
Express Services in Demand
Express services are hot right now and for good reason. Americans are known for flitting from appointment to appointment never feeling content until their
Gift-giving Certificates
With the holiday season rapidly sneaking up on us there is no better time than the present to use spa services to attract more clients into the new year.
Seasonal Trends
The fitness industry is predictably seasonal; an exodus occurs in the summer and New Year's provides a flooding of wanna-be-fit converts. There are also
Bring Em Back for More
Lifestyle programming for your members is a great way to get results and keep your members coming back for more. Mix your nutritionist with regular personal
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Apr 21, 2014

Preview: Close More Sales by Using Three Concepts and the Four-Chain Link 2

Use this plan to inform, inspire and persuade so you can close more membership sales....More

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