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Thomas Kulp, formerly the chief motivational officer at Universal Athletic Club, Lancaster, PA, is the director of Solution Consultants. He can be reached at 717-799-5155.

Health Club Sales Today Requires You to Know Your Members and Their Differences  1
Today’s health club sales environment is different than it was in the past. The days of selling your facility to everyone based on price or equipment is gone. Other health clubs offer the same brand name equipment that you have, and some of these businesses offer it at even cheaper rates than you. So how should your staff sell your facility to potential members?
Use the Five ‘D’s’ to Get the Right Salespeople for Your Fitness Facility
Passion sells. Customers love a strong balance of motivation, excitement and a feeling that their wants and needs are heard and met.
Health Club Operators Should Decide Which of Three Sales Structures Works Best
To sell memberships today, a health club's sales processes can be just as diverse as the industry.
Show Your Members the ‘LOVE’ To Build Referrals and Success
Many of our markets have changed during the last five years and will continue to change. Price alone is less and less effective for luring members. By showing your members the LOVE, we can create a thrill in them that keeps them coming back and recommending the experience to their friends.
Automate Your Health Club Sales Process to Better Contact Prospects
An automated email system can help your sales team follow up with prospects and new members, plus it can secure referrals from those new members. In today’s club sales environment, competition abounds, so prospects want to learn quickly and without a lot of effort that you can deliver their desired results.
Introductory Sessions Improve Health Club Member Retention
Most health clubs’ strategies for integrating new members into the facility and its programs fall short because they do not educate new members on what it takes to achieve success.
Thinking of Your Personal Trainers as Coaches Can Help Increase Retention
Your personal trainers should think about more than selling personal training sessions.
Enhancement Fees Are Not the Answer to Your Club’s Financial Needs
Although charging members additional fees may result in a substantial sum, Thomas Kulp challenges the notion that enhancement fees are the answer to increase revenue.
Focus Health Club Retention Efforts on the Right Things
Retention is such an overused word in the fitness industry. Health club operators consider everything from shakes to treadmills to a software program as the answer to improving retention.
Calculating the Reason for Focusing on Retention
We often think that retention is something we will worry about later. Club owners have so many other things on their to-do list that improving retention seems to fall far down on the list of must-do items
How to Prepare your Club for Great Retention
Having a good retention rate is like hosting a well-attended dinner party every month. To host a good dinner party, you first have to go through many steps of preparation and behind-the-scenes effort and energy.
Home Care in Your Club
If your spa is like most, you may have difficulty motivating some staff members to consistently sell retail products. You may even have some technicians
Targeting all Mommies
Summer is upon us and youngsters are free to roam the earth again without the regular daily school schedules. During the summer months, spas sometimes
Get with the Program
All clubs slow down in the summer months. Kids are out of school. The weather is nicer, which encourages outdoor activities. And people are on vacation.
Spa Trends, Part 2
With today's fast-paced lifestyles, visiting the spa needs to be quick, convenient and effective. All of the regular cosmetic services such as Botox,
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