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Physical Therapy Taught Me What I Already Know
As our industry and the medical industry continue to expand on the most beneficial frequency, intensity and duration of exercise, it has become clear
For Seniors, It's Time to Get Serious About Humor
About nine years ago, we made a big deal about the health club industry entering the new millennium. We talked about the challenges of new technology
Both Kids and Seniors Can Enjoy a Playground
You can hear the same message over and over, and finally, it makes sense. That's what is happening in our industry as we continue to successfully program
Clubs Can Help Seniors Fend Off Depression
The medical industry is telling us that within the next five to 10 years, depression will become the No. 2 killer in the world. Depression comes from
More Clubs Now Focus On the Needs of Seniors
It's January, and your club is probably experiencing the biggest influx of new members in any month of the year. That's exciting, but we all know that
Promote Active Aging In Your Senior Programs
Marketing and programming for seniors must appeal to different ages, interests and abilities, but we must remember to define the similarities of this
Playtime in Clubs Allows Seniors to be Kids Again
If you watch children at play, you'll notice that the more they are smiling and laughing together, the more fun they are having. Play is a fundamental
Is Your Senior Program Best of the Best?
This issue of the magazine includes a link to information about the Best of the Best contest sponsored by Club Industry's Fitness Business Pro (see the
Clubs Should Play a Role In the Lives of Seniors
Now that 2007 is well under way, it is time to ask, Where have we been, where are we now, and where are we going with the senior market? Where have we
Focus on Baby Boomers Just for the Fun of It
Today's senior market comprises more than one quarter of our entire population. The 78 million Baby Boomers want and need our services more than any other
Are You Keeping in Touch With the Big Picture?
We have definitely spread the word to older adults about the importance of exercise for their future quality of life. The Alliance for Aging Research
The Old Meat Market is Now the Meeting Place
The New York Times interviewed me a few weeks ago for a story about how the fitness industry has changed in the last 25 to 30 years. The reporter's first
Are You Really Catering to the Senior Market?
Most health clubs have finally realized that the largest and most important market to pursue is the aging market. Regardless of whether you call them
YEEPIES: The Third of Your Market
At least one-third of the market is in the third third of their life and is soon to make up nearly one-third of your business. The YEEPIES the Youthful,
Focus on Programming
The Benefits of Hiring a Program Director
Executive Insights Videos
Feb 13, 2014
Club Industry

Preview: 14 Observations about the Direction of the Fitness Industry in 2014

Bill McBride, CEO of Active Sports Clubs and BMC3, shares 14 observations about some of the fitness trends he is seeing and where the industry is headed....More
Master Class Videos
Mar 5, 2014
Club Industry

Preview: Overcome the Hurdles in the Life Cycle of Your Club

Karen Woodard-Chavez, president of Premium Performance Training, shares in which of the five stages of a fitness facility's life cycle most clubs get stuck....More

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