Rudy Fabiano, contributing columnist

Fabiano, contributing columnist
Health Club Operators Must Put the Glamour in Sweat 
Establishing a deeper connection with members and prospects through design requires a little bit of the glamour that is more prevalent in the fashion, furniture, retail and hotel industries.
Balance Aesthetics and Function for the Best Facility Design Results  1
Consider practical matters during the design process to create a fitness facility that looks great and accommodates the needs of staff and members.
Good Design Increases Chances of Pleasant Experiences for Members 
Design can help move the prospect to a new member, encourage the new member to become a regular, and ultimately provide the right environment to allow the easy transition from a regular to an enthusiast.
Three Components Contribute to a Satisfying Member Experience 
Club owners must ask how their clubs can be a bigger part of members’ lives instead of how they can make members a part of their clubs. At minimum, three distinct but integrated layered components contribute to a complete and satisfying member experience: physical, emotional and spiritual, and social engagement.
First Impressions for Prospects Begin on the Outside of Your Fitness Facility
The real first impression of your fitness facility occurs long before members walk into your facility.
Consider Smart New Interior Products to Liven Up Your Club’s Next Remodel
The use of technology in interior design finishes pf fitness facilities is the latest trend.
Consider Current and Future Trends for Good Health Club Design
One key to a well-executed building design is in the identification and anticipation of what trends exist and what trends are to come.
Building a Great-Looking Health Club on a Budget Requires Creativity
There are some smart steps you can implement to be frugal when it comes to a great club redesign.
Integrating Decoration into the Design of Your Club Leads to Greater Impact
Designing or redesigning a club is not just about choosing the right colors, tile and furnishings. Decorating must be an integral part of the design of a club for it to be successful.
The Health Club Industry Needs Innovative Design and Programming Ideas
Fitness facility operators need to be more innovative in their design and programming.
What Club Owners Get for the Architect Fees Paid
Know what you are getting for the various fees that architects pay.
Bidding and Negotiations: Getting Your Money’s Worth
The pressure to control the cost to build a project has never been greater. The ability to forecast the final cost of a building project is not only important to the business plan, but it is absolutely essential to financing a project
Affording Green Design: Rebates and Incentives
What is our responsibility as a health-based industry to the green movement, and what are the incentives? While we are all for the environment, we are, after all, in business to make money
Rudy Fabiano, President of Fabiano Designs
A 13-year veteran of health club and fitness facility design, Rudy Fabiano, AIA, president of Fabiano Designs, brings what he calls a sense of spirituality
Focus On Physical Plant
Part Four: Designing a Club From the Front Door
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Apr 21, 2014

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