Ronna Clements, contributing columnist

Clements, contributing columnist

Ronna Clements has more than 20 years of experience in sales, sales management, corporate sales and business development. With a diverse skill set, she has set the pace for revenue generation in a highly competitive customer service-driven industry. Clements' strengths include a strong foundation in industry best practices and professional ethics, and she is noted for her motivational personality with an informed and direct speaking style. As a living health advocate, she maintains a healthy lifestyle and has a relentless passion for optimal health. She can be reached at

10 Qualities and Habits of Ultra-Successful People Inside and Outside the Fitness Industry
Successful people have different accomplishments, interests, life patterns and passions, but they share qualities and habits that you can adopt to positively influence your life.
The Power of Using Luxury Words in Any Type of Health Club
More health club operators should raise the bar by teaching their staff to use luxury language. Doing so makes your members feel part of something special whether or not your health club is a luxury brand.
Incorporate a Professional Code of Ethics at Your Health Club 
A professional code of ethics is a key element to a club that wishes to operate on the highest ethical standards of excellence. It is at the core of the club's success, and guides employees to uphold the best traditions of management through sound business principles.
Eight Steps to Build a High-Performing Sales Team at Your Fitness Facility
Follow these eight steps at your health club to create a successful membership sales team and develop high standards of excellence that funnel from the right leader.
How to Soft Sell in a Hard World by Emphasizing Value 
If we are to compete on value, we must learn to create and conduct a value-added sales presentation and understand the philosophy behind the value-added sales process.
The Keys to Increasing Member Renewals and Three Touch Points for Delivery
Increasing member engagement should be at the forefront of any organization's retention strategy and should be viewed as a non-negotiable area of practice in a ferociously competitive membership-based climate.
Effective Leadership Allows You to Leave a Legacy at Your Fitness Facility and in Life 
When you truly understand what leadership is, it can create a paradigm shift that transforms your consciousness so you see that you have the power, as a leader, to be a change-agent within your organization, community or the world-at-large.
Sales and the Art of Persuasion: What Is It Really All About? 
At some crucial point in their careers, skillful leaders needed to sell their ideas. To sell a concept or move an idea forward, we must be able to persuade and get the buyer's commitment. And that is what sales is really all about.
What to Do If Your Club Does Not Have What the Prospect Wants 
On occasion, your salespeople are faced with a situation in which your club does not have what the prospect wants. How should they handle this situation?
Every Health Club Needs a Rainmaker on Its Sales Staff 
Sales is one of the most competitive, dynamic yet demanding fields. Every health club needs a salesperson who can make it rain sales, what I call a rainmaker but others may call a superstar.
Eight Steps to Building a Stellar Sales Team at Your Fitness Facility 1
If your sales team’s performance is less than adequate, you need to look at what ingredients create high-performing sales teams and who creates these teams.
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Apr 21, 2014

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