Paul Bosley, contributing columnist

Bosley, contributing columnist
executive vice president ,
First Financial

Paul Bosley is the executive vice president for First Financial with a primary focus to market leasing and finance programs to national vendors in the health club, golf and dental industries. Bosley is a volunteer financial counselor for the Fort Lauderdale Chapter of SCORE, a non-profit funded by the Small Business Administration (SBA). He is attending Florida Atlantic University working on his second degree in accounting. Prior to joining First Financial, Bosley was the vice president of public relations of Q The Sports Clubs.

How to Determine if Crowdfunding Is Right for Your Health Club Expansion
Crowdfunding has been used to fund new companies or products in exchange for equity in the company or simply to receive their initial product offering. To do a crowdfunding campaign, you must pull together nine pieces of information.
How to Define Your Exit Strategy from Your Health Club 
To define and prepare the best exit strategy for your health club, you need to answer some important questions about your business.
Three Methods to Determine the Value of Your Club Business 
As a fitness business owner, your club has value. It is important to understand the different valuation methods and valuation periods for your business.
Five Steps to Prepare Your Health Club for Two Financing Options 
The lending environment has improved significantly and a unique combination of two debt financing products is available to entrepreneurs who want to finance a new business or grow their current business.
Crowdfunding Will Have a Positive Impact on the Fitness Industry 
Crowdfunding is growing in popularity, and these four types of crowdfunding are the most popular, but they vary in what they offer investors and the business operator.
The Big Picture on Financing Options in the Fitness Industry 
The following is an overview of each financial product possibility for you in a likely chronological order, starting from the inception of your business.
Four Benefits of a Small Business Administration Loan for Health Club Owners 1
The most consistent funding source for financing within the fitness industry during the last five years has been loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration (SBA).
The Basics of Fitness Equipment Leasing 
One of the biggest decisions that new club operators must make is whether they will lease or buy their equipment. No one answer fits every situation. Your decision will depend on the specifics of your fitness facility, your financial situation and what you need to purchase.
Crowd Funding May Help Health Club Owners Access Capital
In April 2012, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act was signed into law announcing a new method to raise capital called “crowd funding.” It may be perfect for the fitness industry for two reasons.
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