Pamela Kufahl, Editor-in-Chief

Kufahl, Editor-in-Chief
Club Industry
The Commonality of Successful Owners 
Successful small club operators have many differences, but they all understand their niche in the market and believe in their products.
Secrets of Successful Small Club Operators 
Six small and profitable health club operators share what has made them successful despite a recession and competition from big box and low-price clubs.
Successful Small Club Operators Photo Gallery
These six small health club operators have found success in a variety of markets by creating niches and sticking to their brands.
Awareness of Child Safety Concerns in Fitness Facilities Can Prevent Injuries and Liability Claims 
When fitness facility operators welcome children through their doors, those children bring with them safety concerns that staff must address.
Inaction Can Cost a Child and Your Club 
Fitness facilities need to take steps to keep children safe from predators. Not taking the necessary precautions can be devastating for a child and your club.
Club Operators Take Steps to Keep Kids Safe from Predators 
A child abuse incident is not only devastating for the child, but it also can be devastating to a club’s reputation, especially if the club did not do employee background checks or ignored warning signs.
Hotels Enhance Their Fitness Centers to Appeal to Travelers 
Once banished to basements, hotel fitness centers are now getting more attention from hotel operators who realize fitness has become more important to travelers. The shift could provide new sales opportunities for manufacturers and partnership possibilities for club operators.
Time to Define What Your Business Is 
Take a closer look at how you define your facility and whether you should broaden your view of your target market. What you find might help you grow in the future.
Renaissance ClubSport, Walnut Creek, CA
Renaissance ClubSport Offers a Unique Hotel and Fitness Brand
Leisure Sports, Pleasanton, CA, has created a unique hybrid business: a hotel and a health club that operate as one business.
EVEN Hotels
InterContinental Hotels Offer Wellness through Its EVEN Hotels
By early 2014, InterContinental Hotels Group will open its first EVEN Hotel, which will focus on offering healthy food options, a pleasant and efficient working environment, relaxing and healthy rest options, and quality workout facilities.
Days Inn
Days Inn Ramps Up Its Focus on Health and Wellness
Days Inn will introduce healthier menu options and improved fitness experience at its more than 1,800 hotels later this year.
Your Personal Trainers Deserve Your Respect  3
With more personal trainers leaving clubs to pursue other careers or open studios of their own, it might be time to reconsider how you treat one of your club's most important assets.
Cybex Moves Forward as Private Company 
Art Hicks, president and COO of Cybex International, anticipates having more time and resources to move Cybex forward now that the company is private.
Top Desired Worker Benefits Are Onsite Fitness Facilities and Fitness Center Discounts, Survey Says
Of wellness benefits that they do not have, the most desired benefits that workers want are onsite fitness facilities and fitness center discounts.
Newtown Athletic Club Opens Its Sports Training Center, Club Nears Capacity 2
Newtown Athletic Club, Newtown, PA, held the grand opening celebration of its $2.6 million NAC Sports Training Center on Jan. 12.
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