Nic DeCaire, contributing columnist

DeCaire, contributing columnist

Nic DeCaire is the owner and founder of Fusion Fitness Center in Newark, DE. He is a graduate of Wilmington University. DeCaire has 14 years of experience in the industry. He started working the front counter at a local fitness center at age 14, and his success and passion for fitness have grown since then. A former competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter, DeCaire has won many awards in the sport. He is the chairman of the Main Street Mile, which benefits the Newark K-9 Fund, and serves on the board of Kids with Confidence. DeCaire can be contacted at 302-738-4580 or

Reasons for a Failing Fitness Business Often Are Just Excuses 
As a business owner/entrepreneur, I love watching shows such as the Food Network's "Restaurant Impossible," which features the famed chef Robert Irvine working with struggling restaurant owners to regain some of their former success. I like to see what I can learn and implement in my own companies.
Easy Membership Cancellations Make Future Sales Easier  2
Why do so many clubs make it so difficult to purchase a membership or cancel a membership? If owners and managers changed the way they looked at memberships and made it easier to join and even easier to cancel, they would actually sign up more members.
Raving Fans Are Your Health Club’s Best Lead Generators
Raving fans are customers who are so beyond satisfied with a product, company or service that they go out of their way to tell someone else about their experience.
How to Sell the Solution, Not the Health Club Membership
Most fitness centers still have it backwards. They are selling memberships rather than solutions.
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