Michael Scott-Scudder, contributing columnist

Scott-Scudder, contributing columnist

Michael Scott Scudder is founder and CEO of the Fitness Business Council, the independent club business network. He has three decades of experience in the fitness industry as general manager, executive director, owner and a consultant. He has advised more than 500 fitness facility organizations about advertising, marketing, sales, operations, management and business development. He provides training programs for health clubs on management, marketing, sales, demographics and member integration strategies. He has delivered online events to more than 12,000 club owners and managers. He also has been a speaker at various industry conferences, including Club Industry, and has written for several industry publications.  He can be contacted at 575-751-1212 or mss@fitnessbusinesscouncil.com

DIVERSITY: Good Or Bad for Our Industry?
As I look back at the past 30 years of the health club industry, I realize that in the early years of the modern era, there wasn't much diversity. Clubs
The Transformation of Group Ex Part Three: Where Do We Go From Here?
My March column briefly described the history of the group exercise business inside health clubs, starting with the mid-1970s aerobics revolution. I traced
The Transformation of Group Ex
In my last column, I said club development and aerobics were going in opposite directions, but nobody realized it. Here's a more thorough explanation.
The Transformation of Group Ex
Group exercise has been through quite a transformation over the past 30 years. Originating as dance classes and/or the trademarked Jazzercise in the early
Weakness at the Center: An Avalanche-In-Waiting?
A few nights ago, I watched a PBS special called Anatomy of an Avalanche. It described in detail how a 1999 snow slide demolished most of a thought-to-be-safe
CONTRARY TO THE ORDINARY: Seek to be Different
This year has been a challenging one personally, professionally and for the health and fitness industry. Our daughter died, and our family has had to
GROUP EXERCISE IN CLUBS: A Losing Proposition for Most?
My phone has been ringing off the hook, and my e-mail account has been full of messages from independent facilities. The calls go like this: Things have
The Top 10 Best Opportunities in Fitness
Phenomenal growth curves are readily apparent in fitness and fitness-related businesses. We expect continued double-digit growth in facilities in 2006.
Why Health Clubs Are A Commoditized Business
Modern health and fitness birthed itself in the emerging health club industry of the mid to late 1970s. People experienced the benefits of exercise in
Health Clubs Are Definitely Not Shopping Marts
I read with interest my friend John Agoglia's June article, What's in Your Cart?, which was a summary of the magazine's Purchasing Power Survey. I must
Health Clubs Are Not a Shopping Mart
I read with great interest my friend John Agoglia's June article: What's In Your Cart? It was an edited summary of Fitness Business Pro's Purchasing Power
Is It Our Turn to Be On the Bubble Now?
Recently, in the middle of another one of my too-many-days-on-the-road-without-a-day-off consulting trips, I found myself in the food court of yet another
Traffic Jam Management On and Off the Highway
You're due to make an airplane flight in one hour. The airport is still 20 minutes away, and you're stuck on a major highway in a very slow-moving boondoggle
RETENTION: Necessary But No Longer Enough
Even though I may have delivered one of the first member retention seminars back in the 1980s and I've recently read more articles and seen more advertisements
RETENTION: Necessary But No Longer Enough
Lately, I have been reading article after article, column after column, and seeing advertisements for system after system each of them about the subject
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