Michael Scott-Scudder, contributing columnist

Scott-Scudder, contributing columnist

Michael Scott Scudder is founder and CEO of the Fitness Business Council, the independent club business network. He has three decades of experience in the fitness industry as general manager, executive director, owner and a consultant. He has advised more than 500 fitness facility organizations about advertising, marketing, sales, operations, management and business development. He provides training programs for health clubs on management, marketing, sales, demographics and member integration strategies. He has delivered online events to more than 12,000 club owners and managers. He also has been a speaker at various industry conferences, including Club Industry, and has written for several industry publications.  He can be contacted at 575-751-1212 or mss@fitnessbusinesscouncil.com

It's Time for a Break in the Fitness Club Industry
While writing this column, I wondered whether I should call it break time or brake time. Certainly, circumstances in both our national business climate
Surveys Show Economy Putting Industry in Pinch
In an effort to independently determine just how much influence the present early recession is having on our businesses, I turned to my network of clients,
Instead of Fading, Fitness Separates from Wellness
Seven months ago, I wrote about how the word may be fading from our terminology. In that column, I spoke about early industry innovators going out and
Customer Loyalty Requires More Than Rewards
The November 2007 article in this magazine about member loyalty programs dealt basically with the goodies to be derived from offering gifts, points and
Fitness May Be Fading From Our Terminology
It seems that all industries go through plateaus in their stages of growth. Often, at certain points in time, language changes with an industry's shift
Get Back to the Basics For Customer Service
In my July column, I discussed disruptive innovation and its effects in the health club industry. I explained the difference between mastering sustaining
Small Innovations Can Pay Big Dividends
The term disruptive innovation comes from a brilliant book about marketing theory titled Seeing What's Next. If you've read Blue Ocean Strategy, Good
An Online Chat About Retention Misconceptions
I would like to depart from my normal column format and share with you a client's e-mail (the name is withheld to protect privacy) and my responses to
Misconceptions Continue To Hurt Club Operators
Longevity has a way of creating objectivity. If you're around something for an extended period of time, you learn how it functions and what will happen
Out with the Old, and In with What for 2007?
Another year has come and gone. Some things change; most do not. Predictions come true, or they are laughed at because the opposite occurred. A brief
Our Members-Only Model: Is It Antiquated?
Last month, in the first of this two-part series, I asked if our health club model is out of date. This month, I question whether our practice of membership
Is Our Model Out of Date?
Every year during the Club Industry conference, I venture outside the convention center and into the Windy City for some entertainment and culture. One
Why Low-Priced Clubs May Profit from Boomers
I research emerging trends, fitness fads, industry changes and economic historical referencing every month. Also, being nearest in age to that constantly-in-the-news-set
Spin, Spin, Spin and I'm Not Talking About Cycling
We live in an era of say it enough times, and it becomes the truth. Washington politico-marketers have honed this art into a polished near-science in
RUMBLINGS AT THE FRINGE: Our Industry at Mid-Year
Last month's Club Industry East trade show in Philadelphia and some recently received other communications have led me to take a look at the industry
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