Michael Scott Scudder

Scott Scudder
founder and CEO

Michael Scott Scudder is founder and CEO of the Fitness Business Council, the independent club business network. He has three decades of experience in the fitness industry as general manager, executive director, owner and a consultant. He has advised more than 500 fitness facility organizations about advertising, marketing, sales, operations, management and business development. He provides training programs for health clubs on management, marketing, sales, demographics and member integration strategies. He has delivered online events to more than 12,000 club owners and managers. He also has been a speaker at various industry conferences, including Club Industry, and has written for several industry publications.  He can be contacted at 575-751-1212 or mss@fitnessbusinesscouncil.com

Health Club Operators Are Not Prepared to Serve the Growing Senior Market
America is aging, and too many health club operators are losing out on revenue opportunities because they are not providing the appropriate trainers, equipment and programming for this market.
Health Club Industry Benchmarks Show Some Good and Some Bad
Health club business predictors are still showing some confusion and disruption between concentrating on retention and ancillary income versus selling more memberships.
Health Clubs Need a Group Exercise Business Mentality 1
Group exercise is one of the best ways to retain clients at a health club.
Use Behavior to Make Fitness a Positive Experience at Health Clubs
Making behavioral and attitude changes about health and fitness can promote a more positive and consistent experience for health club members.
What If the Fitness Industry Sets Up Most People to Fail? 2
A future reward for current behaviors may not be a compelling enough motivator for people to exercise.
Three-Year KPIs Show a Mixed Positive for Independent Health Clubs 1
Analysis of numbers from Fitness Business Council’s first quarter 2015 survey of independent clubs indicate that the fitness industry is on a cautious upswing after several sideways/down years.
Why Traditional Health Clubs May Stay the Course 3
Fitness club operators are receiving so much input and technology from so many sources that it is possible that they will resist and stay the course with the traditional standard model of fitness delivery. But this model is broken and is no longer working for the majority of clubs.
Survey Shows Club Operators Slowly Stepping Up Smart Technology Use
Are health club operators embracing and using interactive smart technologies beyond social media within their facilities? A survey shows that the fitness business may have some catching up to do compared with other industries.
Do You Define Your Facility as a Fitness Center or a Health Club?
For a long time in this industry, the terms health club and fitness center have been fairly synonymous, but the truth is that there is a vast difference between the two.
January 2015 Shows Slow But Promising Turnaround for Health Clubs
January's results show both promise and hesitancy. The anticipated turnaround in the health club industry is still slow in developing. Keys to an upbeat 2015 for independents are likely to be growth in retention percentages and increases in ancillary sales.
January 2015 Numbers Show Progress for Health Clubs
A long-time axiom in the health club business is "As goes January, so goes the year." Even though that has not always proven to be true, more often than not, one could bank on it. An independent limited-audience survey found hope in the numbers reported for this January.
The Fitness Studio Movement May Have Already Gone and Just Got Here 1
Results from Fitness Business Council poll of 535 clubs—more than 20 percent of them small studios—may indicate that the studio boom that began a little over two years ago may already be past. Results from the 2014 Year-End Fitness Facilities Business Results Survey indicate that studios are, if not in fact already in trouble, headed there on collision courses.
Why Not Offer 'On-Demand Fitness' at Your Health Club? 3
What if a health club offered "on-demand fitness?" What would that look like? What long-time bastions of business practice would be under siege? What markets might it open that three decades of bundled memberships have not?
Reprising Whether Selling Health Club Memberships Is Really All That Difficult
Much of today′s selling protocols date back to what was called ″sales of intangibles″—trying to get people to buy something with no concrete evidence of the purchase. Selling health club memberships is much in the same vein—the buyer is making a purchase now of a perceived future benefit.
Is Selling Health Club Memberships Really All that Difficult? 1
I don't believe there are prospective-customer objections that a salesperson needs to overcome. I also don't agree with having to convince people to join a health club.
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